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Bloodborne Pathogens Clinical Version

Bloodborne pathogens present a risk in clinical, medical, and related settings and that’s why it’s important to train all employees on safety around blood and exposure hazards.

Duration 18 min
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Featuring Dr. Andrew Zolopa from the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Bloodborne pathogens present a great risk in any workplace, even though they are not transmitted through casual contact. It is very important to train workers where exposure hazards are a normal part of their job but it is just as important to train all employees in controlling occupational exposure. This video covers bloodborne pathogen safety in a clinical or medical related setting.

Protective Measures
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • The “Universal Standard”
  • Work Practice Controls
  • Engineering Controls

This video provides the proper procedures for disposing of potentially contaminated materials and proven methods for controlling occupational exposure. It also details the specific emergency procedures your workers need to take in the unfortunate case of accidental exposure.

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