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Dealing with the Irate Customer

Irate customers disrupt your workday, damage your company's image and cost your company business. Through simple communication techniques, your employees can learn to calm angry customers professionally and quickly. Then, help resolve the disputes.

Duration 21 min
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This customer service video teaches skills that turn angry customers into happy, satisfied customers.

When dealing with difficult customers it is not easy to hold your temper sometimes. It is human nature that when confronted we go into fight or flight mode, fighting back or giving in to their demands.

What you need instead is a plan.

This video provides guidelines that help you calm angry customers. Once the customer settles down, it is much easier to find a logical solution to their problem. One that is fair to your organization and the customer.

This customer service video includes valuable tactics, including:
  • Using positive language
  • Connecting with the angry customer
  • Show empathy or apologize if appropriate
  • Having the customer make small decisions
  • Guiding the customer's attention toward solving the problem
  • Know what you can offer
  • Take a timeout or draw the line

When dealing with difficult customers, your employees will learn to not take it personally and stay professional, no matter the type of organization they are in. It is not easy for most people to be mean to someone who is being nice to them. This is the first line of defense and a basic customer service skill. However, some people can be mean no matter how nice you are. If the situation escalates and threatens to get out of hand, your staff will learn three powerful "breakthrough techniques" that can be used.

Viewers will have new skills in calming angry customers that they can put use right away, after watching this customer service video.

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Duration 21 min
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Language English
Languages Available English, Spanish
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