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Ethics Combo (2 Courses)

Ethical standards need to be upheld and should not be taken for granted. Ethical standards can be weakened by small incorrect decisions. Without constant attention, they begin to add up. This award-winning ethics training video provides the tools your managers need to protect the integrity and uphold the ethical standards of your organization.

Duration 33 min
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Save money by purchasing both of our award winning programs on ethics for Empoyees and Managers.

No mater the type of organization—ethics matter. Small everyday decisions all add up and contribute to the environment of the workplace; it is not just the big scandals you see every day on the news that damage the reputation of an organization. Actually, nipping small problems in the bud, before they become big ones, is more important than trying to avoid big scandals.

Four realistic scenarios are dramatized in this award-winning employee ethics training video. The scenarios demonstrate the importance of basic values such as honesty, fairness and respect for others. The three part decision-making process is taught to your staff. This process helps employees find their way to a solution, even when a good solution is not readily apparent due to the complexity of the problem.

In Workplace Ethics, employees will learn the behaviors that lead to harm and how to determine if they are personally responsible to take action. They will learn to imagine the possible outcomes of various solutions to the problem and pick one that best repairs the ethical breakdown, all the while protecting the integrity of the organization.

In Managing Ethics, The scenarios portrayed in its award-winning companion training video, Workplace Ethics, are replayed in Managing Ethics. However, this time the perspective is from a leader’s point of view to illustrate essential management skills.

Managers and supervisors learn how to share core values in ways that employees can easily understand. Management personnel learn to hold these values in themselves and take appropriate action when their subordinates do not by rewarding positive behavior and quickly correcting inappropriate behavior.

Constant attention is needed to maintain ethics and it should not be taken for granted. By small decisions that add up to larger problems ethical standards can weaken over time. Your managers will receive all the tools they need in this ethics training DVD to protect the integrity of your organization and uphold ethical standards.

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Duration 33 min
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