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Exploring Human Nature

Would you help a stranger in need? Would you act to save a life in a fire? This captivating program, narrated by Dr. Zimbardo, provides insights into the underlying forces that drive individual and group behavior. It teaches your workers how groupthink, social rules and unconscious biases influence how individuals analyze and make their decisions.

Duration 57 min
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Your employees will learn how unconscious biases, “group think” and social rules heavily influence how we analyze and make decisions.

Our narrator, Dr. Philip Zimbardo, spent his entire career in social psychology. Social psychology is the study of human nature; how we are influenced by social rules internalized in childhood and by the people we come into contact with. We tend to be completely unaware of these influences, as his research has shown. Often times, we choose to act in irrational ways. We sometimes act in ways that can cause harm to others or ourselves.

Use as a dynamic training tool

Dr. Zimbardo’s fascinating narrative offers insights into the underlying forces that drive individual and group behavior. Unsuspecting human subjects will be observed in twenty situations, which test the boundaries of individualism and group mentality. Choose the scenes that best fit your training goals or watch them all for an in depth study.

Watch examples of how we judge others:
  • Through identification with groups
  • Weighted heavily by first impressions
  • Based on their personal appearance
Or how social situations drive behavior:
  • Through obedience to authority
  • When we want to be accepted and fit in
  • Passively deferring to a “group norm”

Use as a conversation starter

Do you sometimes question your first impressions of others? Do you stay quiet if you think your team is making a bad decision? Open your next meeting with this powerful program to spark discussion in your trainings. Help your team members speak up, while improving their thought and decision-making processes.

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