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Forklift Operation & Safety

Forklift drivers must focus on safety first. Awareness of your surroundings is very important when operating a forklift. This video promotes some of the best practices to keeping your workplace accident-free.

Duration 18 min
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Every forklift operator needs a basic understanding of physics. Certain basic mechanical truths must be understood to operate any powered industrial truck; including balancing the load properly, knowing the vehicle’s center of gravity and specific driving requirements when operating in confined spaces or on inclines.

An overview of essential safety standards:
  • Inspection
  • Unattended vehicles
  • Driver and passenger safety
  • Loading
  • Foot traffic
  • Intersections
  • Special driving circumstances

Safety is a state of mind; every driver must focus on safety first. Equally important is situational awareness and that is this video’s emphasis. It emphasizes awareness on forklift driving hazards, while promoting best practices to help ensure your workplace accident-free.

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Duration 18 min
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