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Harassment & Diversity: Respecting Differences — Employee Version

Maintaining a workplace free of harassment is the responsibility of both managers and employees. Sensitivity and awareness are the main focus of this diversity training video. It explains why respect for coworker individuality is not only required by the law but the right thing to do.

Duration 16 min
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Every employee is responsible for maintaining a workplace that is free from harassment, as this workplace harassment-training video clearly explains.

Workplace harassment involves a lot more than just gender and sex. Age, race, religion, disabilities, various cultural differences and other protected characteristics also fall under the heading of workplace harassment when these characteristics are used as a reason for discrimination or intimidation. Any form of employee discrimination that falls within these categories is illegal and can occur in any workforce or job situation.

The employee version of this award winning workplace-diversity training video centers on employee awareness and sensitivity. A company harassment policy, which emphasizes a respect for coworker differences, is required by law and the right thing to do, as the video demonstrates.

Both the employee and manager versions tell a dramatic story of an all-too-common situation. Friction in a work setting grows from "just kidding around" into illegal harassment. These two harassment-training videos test employees' interpersonal skills in diverse cultural backgrounds.

Employment law attorneys Kevin O'Neill and Bruce Sarchet along with Littler Mendelson provide their legal perspective and expertise in a narrative that is easy to follow and understand.

Employees will learn:
  • When "joking around" crosses the line and becomes workplace harassment
  • It is not the intent that matters, but how the behavior is perceived by the recipient that counts
  • What to do when someone is the target of harassment
  • Why the employer's workplace harassment prevention policy must be taken seriously
  • Appropriate behaviors that will help maintain a harassment-free workplace

Legal content provided by the Legal Learning Group®, a division of Littler Mendelson, PC®.

Employees will learn how harassment can creep into any workplace, by viewing this harassment training video, as well as gain an understanding of their individual responsibilities in putting an end to it.

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Formats Available DVD
Duration 16 min
Audience Employee
Language English
Languages Available English, Spanish
Closed Captioned Yes
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