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Harassment & Diversity: Respecting Differences — Manager Version

Maintaining a workplace free of harassment is the responsibility of both managers and employees. Sensitivity and awareness are the main focus of this diversity training video. It explains why respect for coworker individuality is not only required by the law but the right thing to do.

Duration 20 min
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Managing in a diverse workplace can be a daunting task. One thing a manager needs to keep in mind is that it is her/her responsibility to maintain a harassment-free workplace!

While sexual harassment gets most of the media attention, other forms of workplace harassment are just as prevalent and can be just as detrimental. Although diversity in a work group should be celebrated, it carries a very high potential for harassment. Different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, ages and physical abilities or disabilities are all reasons behind workplace discrimination and harassment. However, they are all categories that are protected under the law.

Any workplace that has a high diversity of employees also has a high risk of harassment. The makeup of the group might cause tension and difficult interactions. An all-too-common situation, and one that is dramatized in this story, is where this tension grows from "just kidding around" into illegal harassment. At all times, the video explains, your company must have a zero-tolerance harassment policy that protects each employee.

Courtesy and mutual respect must be the dominant attitude in the workplace. To work in an environment free of hostility is a right of each employee that is protected under the law. Bruce Sarchet, an employment law attorney at Littler Mendelson PC, a National Employment and Labor Law Firm® and our professional narrator, guides managers in the necessary steps to resolve harassment problems; thereby protecting both the employees and the company.

Managers will learn:
  • Why workplace harassment must be taken seriously
  • How to respond to a claim of harassment
  • An appreciation for diversity in the workplace
  • Policies and practices that help keep the workplace harassment-free
  • Harassment investigation procedures and proper discipline
  • Awareness of conditions that may lead to harassment, and what to keep an eye out for

In today's diverse workplace, every manager and supervisor needs to understand his or her role in preventing harassment. The definition of illegal harassment must be understood as well as the reason it cannot be tolerated. This all-inclusive program clarifies how to recognize and prevent harassment and what to do if it occurs.

Legal content provided by the Legal Learning Group®, a division of Littler Mendelson, PC®.

Managers will be taught how harassment can subtly sneak into any diverse workplace. In this harassment training DVD, management will receive clear guidance on how to put an end to it.

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Duration 20 min
Audience Manager
Language English
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