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How to Write and Deliver Great Speeches

In this Toastmasters International public speaking video, you will learn that anyone can give great speeches. The ability to inform, persuade and lead other people through public speaking, once developed correctly, is one of the most powerful skills you will ever have. You will learn the techniques used by exceptional speakers. These proven techniques capture the attention and respect of your audience.

Duration 35 min
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After watching this Toastmasters International public speaking video, you will be able to speak more confidently, more poised and eloquently when delivering presentations.

Your ability to persuade, inform and lead other people through effective public speaking is one of the most powerful skills you could ever develop. Once the secrets are learned, anyone can develop this skill. The secret is to learn the basics, prepare and practice, practice, practice. Your confidence will grow right along with your public speaking skills.

You will learn:
  • How to write a speech – tips for vivid and compelling speech writing
  • Techniques for practicing that will improve the effectiveness of your talk
  • How to deliver a speech – specific presentation skills leading to a polished delivery
  • Proven strategies to control public speaking nervousness, so you will look forward to – and enjoy – speaking opportunities

This is one of our most popular public speaking videos. It tells the story of three individuals that are each faced with a demanding speaking presentation. You will follow their story as they learn public speaking tricks, gain confidence and ultimately master the speaking skills that lead them to delivering great speeches.

Whether you will be speaking to a select few in the confines of a boardroom or business meeting or a large crowd in a huge auditorium, you will learn the tricks developed by exceptional speakers. These techniques capture the attention and respect of any audience. Additionally, you will learn the tricks to overcoming stage fright and the all-too-common feelings of nervousness that take the joy out of public speaking.

You will learn the proven techniques for improving your speaking skills by watching this public speaking video. These techniques will help you speak eloquently and confidently, both outside of work and in business settings.

Optional Supporting Materials
Study Guide

This 38-page booklet accompanies the DVD and expands on the concepts presented including speech writing, researching, practicing, and delivering your speech. This study guide will be a valuable resource to help with the challenges of speech writing and delivery.

$6 each (Sold in packs of 10) 

[20+ @ $5 each], 
[50+ @ $4 each] 

Instructor's Manual

This 60-page instructor's manual is meant to help facilitators who want to present the best class possible. This manual contains a sample agenda along with discussion questions and exercises. Participants can learn how to delivery a speech through group activities where they will practice the process of creating and giving a speech.

$15 each

Study Guides (10 Pack): $60.00 ( 1 for $60,  2 for $50,  5+ for $40 )
Instructor's Manual: $15.00
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Duration 35 min
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