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Leadership at Every Level

Four successful management styles are first outlined in this leadership video: collaboration, delegation, direction and influence. Then, it helps you determine which management style is most appropriate for your situation based on your setting, subordinates and the need to adapt to changing circumstances.

Duration 24 min
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Imagine if all the good managers in your organization could also become great leaders. If you could have great leaders at all levels of your organization, and not only at the top, the work environment would improve drastically and productivity would soar.

Good skills in management are a start but that is not all it takes to make a leader. By definition, leadership is the ability to have people follow you. It goes far beyond the implied leadership role and requires admiration from your subordinates, respect and many other intangible personality traits. Not everyone is a "born leader," but every manager in your organization has the potential to become one.

The beginning of this leadership training video demonstrates four successful management styles: delegation, direction, collaboration and influence. Then, it explains how your specific environment and the type of subordinates under your command determine which style is appropriate for any given situation. The video then demonstrates the need to adapt these styles to changing circumstances.

Leaders need to:
  • Embrace change
  • Take initiative
  • Build community
  • Admit their mistakes
  • Treat everyone fairly
  • Develop their people

The dramatic scenes in the video show you how to recognize leadership behaviors in your managers at all levels of an organization. Keeping your own emotions under control and making good decisions are just two of the traits of leadership demonstrated in the video. The critical importance of personal integrity is also explained.

True leadership is a lot more than just good management and the time is right to take your hard-earned skills to the next level.

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Duration 24 min
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