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Motivating Your Employees: Rewards and Recognition

Recognition can help bring out the best in your people. This management training DVD shows you how motivational techniques can energize your workers to strive to accomplish more. It is important to think about the reward system in your organization. You will learn how rewards and recognition can build a strong and vital workplace.

Duration 21 min
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How to motivate employees: Employees that feel appreciated are motivated to do more and better quality work.

Many research studies have shown a direct correlation between productivity and retention on one hand, and the amount of recognition an individual receives on the other. As a manager, one of your most vital responsibilities is to motivate your employees through recognition on a job well done.

This employee motivation video explains how recognition can be used to bring out the best in your employees by energizing them toward higher goals.

You'll learn how to implement four fundamental principles of motivation:
  • Rewards are most motivating when tailored to the individual
  • Managers should highlight positive behavior when motivating employees, praising often and genuinely
  • Employee recognition should be specific and timely
  • Praise must be honest and authentic

What exactly gets rewarded in your organization and how is one of the main concerns exemplified in this video. You should focus your time and energy on what's right within your workgroup. Ask yourself, "Is this the behavior or activity that I really want to motivate?" employees become demoralized and confused when the wrong things get recognized or recognition is inconsistent.

As human beings, we feel valued and our satisfaction grows when our efforts are recognized. It can be a powerful tool. Loyalty and motivation grow with job satisfaction and you can build a strong and vital organization, one person at a time by recognizing a job well done.

Managers will learn how to develop a culture of achievement motivating employees by celebrating accomplishments, large and small.

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