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Performance Appraisals: Getting Results

Performance appraisals, when performed effectively, add value to your organization. They motivate your employees and explain to underperformers exactly what is expected of them and how they can improve. This supervisor training video shows that effective performance reviews are good for both employees and their managers. They improve work satisfaction, resolve problems and increase productivity.

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This video shows you how to conduct employee reviews so that they bring out the best from your staff. It also shows you how to nip poor performance in the bud, before it becomes a problem.

Effective performance appraisals tell underperformers exactly what is expected and how they can improve. They add value to your organization by motivating your top employees to do even better.

Unfortunately, clear guidance sometimes falls by the wayside or halfhearted work goes unchallenged. Performance appraisals become mere formalities, are skipped altogether or administered too late to do any good. In this case, workers have already formed bad habits that are difficult to change.

Two story lines make up this performance evaluation training video. One story is about a small business that is implementing a formal review process for the first time and the other is about a large organization trying to fix a broken system. The stories tell the tale of two very different managers as they prepare for the challenge of review meetings. They apply different skills to defuse the tension of the review meeting and achieve the desired results.

In this DVD, you'll learn:
  • The value of employee feedback
  • How to deal with underperformers
  • Skills for the face-to-face review meeting
  • Methods of motivating the top producers
  • The importance of fairness and consistency
  • The advantages of sticking to a regular schedule
  • The nuts and bolts of formats and record keeping
  • Critical elements to cover in your performance evaluation process

This performance review video shows that effective reviews can improve work satisfaction, resolve problems and increase productivity. The review process benefits both the employees and their managers.

Viewers will gain new skills to handle performance review meetings with confidence, improve their performance appraisal techniques and begin to see the process as an effective management tool.

Optional Supporting Materials
Study Guide

This 51-page study guide accompanies the DVD and expands on the concepts presented in the performance appraisal video including types of performance reviews, writing a performance appraisal, formuals for compensation, the review meeting, and the follow up process. Also includes sample forms.

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[50+ @ $4 each] 

Instructor's Manual

This 49-page instructor's manual is meant to help facilitators who want to create a half day performance appraisal training program based on the video. This manual contains suggested instructions for participants, sample commentary, discussion questions, exercises, and more.

$15 each

Study Guides (10 Pack): $60.00 ( 1 for $60,  2 for $50,  5+ for $40 )
Instructor's Manual: $15.00
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