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Performance Coaching: Four Steps to Effective Coaching

Employee coaching comes in handy when providing direction and feedback to your staff. Communicating specific expectations and removing any obstacles that get in the way is the objective of this management training video. You can inspire employees who are doing well to do even better by pointing out what they can be doing better.

Duration 17 min
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Create a more productive workforce while helping improve employee performance and retention with this effective employee coaching DVD.

Being a manager is one of the most difficult jobs in any organization. Your success is dependent on other people doing their job not necessarily what you do yourself. Unfortunately, people are inconsistent, complicated and can be downright stubborn!

Often times people need a lot of direction and guidance. They really do not know how to do the job and require training or they think they know what they are doing but do not; sometimes they think one task is more important and need direction and so on… This video provides clear guidelines on employee coaching. By mentoring, providing direction and feedback you will be able to improve employee performance after learning the key steps to employee coaching.

There are four key steps to effective employee coaching:
  • Identify the shortcomings in an employee's performance
  • Determine the cause of the inefficiency and what needs to change to improve performance
  • Get commitment from difficult employees and provide the support needed for change
  • Measure employee performance results and provide feedback

Applying these essential performance-coaching steps in productive ways is the theme behind these management training video shows. Ways that include your employees in the process.

As an employee coach, you will learn to identify and remove any obstacles that might get in the way as well as communicate specific expectations. Additionally, you will learn techniques for inspiring and mentoring employees who are already doing well, improving their job performance by pointing out what they could be doing better.

By encouraging positive change through coaching, managers will learn new skills for improving employee performance.

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