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Preventing and Managing Back Pain

With the investment of just a few minutes per day, you will learn specific techniques to alleviate or prevent back pain in this health and safety video. Backaches occur in all occupations and affect workers at all levels. During our lifetime, almost 80% of us will experience some type of back problem. However, something can be done.

Duration 37 min
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By following a few simple exercises in this back safety video, viewers will be able to alleviate back pain.

This is not just another video about lifting things properly—it is so much more. The experts at Stanford that produced this back safety video tackle back pain by looking at total back fitness. Of course, protecting your back while lifting is covered but so is protecting it while driving, sitting, standing and even sleeping. You will learn how to take care of your back 24/7.

Highlights of this back safety video:
  • Six exercises to maintain back fitness
  • Eight exercises to relieve back pain
  • Nine on-the-job stretches to help keep your back loose and flexible
  • Teaches proper position when standing, sitting, keyboarding, driving and lifting
  • Review of back anatomy

Team Physician of Stanford Athletics and the San Francisco 49ers, Dr. Robert Gamburd, narrates this results oriented, down-to-earth back safety program. You will gain a clear understanding of the physiology of the back with animated graphics that show you where and how problems can occur. Twenty-three different stretches and exercises are demonstrated that will help you stay on the job and pain free.

Viewers of this back safety video will be taught the steps needed to reduce the risk of back problems.

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