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Preventing and Managing Stress

Stress affects most people at some point during the day. Small amounts of stress can keep you focused and improve your performance but too much can damage your health and weaken your abilities. Experts in the field will teach you about the causes of stress in this video and offer proven ways to reduce its impacts.

Duration 22 min
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This video shows you some of the most common sources of stress and how to reduce the negative impacts they can have on your life.

In small amounts, some stress is good. It can help individuals improve performance and stay focused. However, too much is not a good thing and there is plenty of stress to go around these days; traffic is getting worse every day, your family life is busier and you are always trying to work harder. Fortunately, with proper training you can control the stressors in your life.

Highlights of this stress prevention video:
  • Good stress vs. bad stress
  • Unexpected symptoms of chronic stress
  • Three techniques to manage stress (avoidance, short-circuiting, mitigation)

Experts will teach you the common causes of stress in this Stanford stress prevention video. You will be able to enhance your own personal well-being with proven methods that lessen the negative impacts of stress.

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