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Professional Email Etiquette

You will learn some very important guidelines on email etiquette in this video no matter how long you have been using email. The guidelines are designed to ensure your messages are professional and prevent catastrophes from happening.

Duration 26 min
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Make your best impression on colleagues and customers while avoiding embarrassing errors by watching this DVD.

Email has become the most popular mode of communication in business today for resolving problems and sharing information. The impression you leave through your email tells others about yourself and your organization. The quality of your email helps to brand your company and reveals your own personal competency. It is largely based on the courtesy and professionalism in your email correspondence.

You may be wondering how to find that perfect balance in your life that everyone keeps talking about. This time management training video helps you take that first step in gaining control of your time.

Learn about:
  • Openings and closings
  • Email customer service
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Writing “bad news” emails
  • Email etiquette and best practices
  • Proper formatting and subject lines

You may think you know everything there is to know about email since you have probably using it for years. However, you are sure to learn some very important guidelines in this video you have not thought about. Guidelines that will ensure your messages are professional, every time, and protect you from possible catastrophes.

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Duration 26 min
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