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Resisting the Flu

Narrated by Eric A. Weiss, MD, of the Stanford University School of Medicine, this video educates your staff in preventing the transmission of the seasonal flu. It shows you how to recognize the danger signs that require urgent medical attention and care for yourself and others.

Duration 13 min
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Featuring Dr. Eric Weiss of the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Prevent the spread of flu in your organization. Each year, just like clockwork, the flu spreads through organizations large and small, costing these businesses billions in lost productivity, lost sales and sick pay.

Everyone is aware of how quickly the flu can spread; the rate is exponential. However, the good news is these infection rates can be significantly reduced in the workplace through proper training. Simply by following a few good habits your employees can learn to stop the spread of the flu as well as avoid getting sick in the first place.

Many of these habits are simply common sense such as cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands and do not use your coworker's computer keyboard or telephone. Yet it is difficult for most people to actually remember to do these things consistently.

The most effective way to drive the message home and change your employees’ behavior is through video training. Your staff is sure to respond to this short documentary-style film narrated by Dr. Eric A. Weiss, Medical Director of Disaster Planning and Associate Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine.

With straight talk and plain language, Dr. Weiss describes the most effective preventive measures for resisting infection by the influenza virus and keeping your employees healthy. His advice is practical not only to the workplace but extends to your employees' households. The preventive techniques involve taking care of sick family members in ways that stop the spread of the infection and protect the caregiver. Dr. Weiss describes the clear danger signs, which help viewers know the difference between typical symptoms and those that require immediate medical attention.

Train your employees to do their part in limiting the spread of flu and protect your business. We can all do our part in decreasing the impact of this costly illness.

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