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Serving Customers — Helping People

Great customer service is "people helping people." The customer is a person just like you and you have to have some empathy to do your job correctly. The training video consists of five basic rules for better customer service. They will make you more effective at your job and make your day more enjoyable.

Duration 16 min
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This customer service video is designed to teach your employees that just being themselves can lead to better customer service.

"People helping people" is the basis of great customer service. The person on the other end of the phone line or right in front of you is a person just like you and this is something you must always remember.

Five rules for improved customer service:
  • Ask and listen
  • Go the extra mile
  • Give your undivided attention
  • Make your customers feel welcome
  • Show you appreciate your customers' business

You will learn these rules in this customer service video by watching them in action in three different settings: an auto dealership, a dental office and a hardware store. Telephone customer serves representative will also learn them by viewing scenes in a utility company and a medical practice. The scenes depict the do's and don'ts for great telephone customer service.

If you offer better service than your competitors do, customers are more likely to become repeat customers. Minding the details will have them coming back for more and giving your customers your undivided attention keeps them happy.

These basic principles apply no matter what business you are in. Put enthusiasm and energy into your work, listen carefully to understand your customer’s needs and interact with them naturally—you will find this more effective for your business and more enjoyable for yourself.

Viewers will learn new techniques to create business-enhancing connections with customers and improve customer service.

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