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The Power of Positive Discipline

Six steps of positive, progressive discipline are given in this award-winning employee discipline program. Managers are taught to begin with coaching and move on to stronger measures only if needed to solve a problem. In most cases, the offender will respond earlier in the process but if he/she does not, the final steps help managers address shortcomings calmly and professionally.

Duration 21 min
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Turn problem employees into valuable contributors to your workgroup with this employee discipline DVD's six-step process.

So, you have a discipline problem with an employee. You have tried gentle reminders, looking the other way and even getting angry but nothing has worked. So what do you do now? How do you change this unwanted behavior in a way that is good for your organization and the employee?

The six-step guide to progressive discipline that is described in this award-winning positive discipline video starts with coaching your wayward employee and moves up incrementally to stronger measures only if need be. In most cases, the employee will respond early in the process. However, if the behavior does not change the video describes how to handle each of the next steps calmly and professionally.

You'll see the best ways to:
  • Convince the employee that change is necessary
  • Get the employee's agreement to change
  • Come up with an action plan together
  • Clarify what's expected

The steps are not designed as a punishment process. These steps help employees become aware of the problem and how it negatively effects the organization. The employee slowly realizes you are trying to help him/her keep their job. If they do not commit to change, you know you have given them a fair and legal opportunity.

Disciplining unruly employees is never an easy task. However, if you follow these six easy steps the task does not have to be burdensome. Positive discipline can make working with employees self-rewarding instead of disruptive and stressful for each of you. Actually, helping them improve can be the most rewarding part any manager's or supervisor's job.

Management can make every member of his or her staff as productive as possible using this employee discipline DVD. Managers and supervisors can change the behavior of problem employees in a positive way.

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