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The Stanford Video Guide to Financial Statements

Financial statements need not be just a meaningless list of numbers. With training in analysis and using simple logic, you can transform these numbers into a current snapshot of a company’s health and their prospects for the future. Whether you are a customer, supplier, lender, investor or acquirer, this business training video can help you perform basic financial analysis, which can win you big profits.

Duration 59 min
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This accounting video teaches common sense ways to get the most out of your financial statements.

Good skills in management are a start but that is not all it takes to make a leader. By definition, leadership is the ability to have people follow you. It goes far beyond the implied leadership role and requires admiration from your subordinates, respect and many other intangible personality traits. Not everyone is a "born leader," but every manager in your organization has the potential to become one.

Do you want to gain a better understanding of your financial reports? The entertaining story that makes up this video reveals the assumptions, which can make a big difference to your bottom line. It also takes an in depth look at the accounting standards, which dictate how financial calculations are made.

Professor George Parker from Stanford provides line-by-line explanations of the three key financial statements used by corporations in the United States. He also offers logical, common-sense approaches to interpreting what the statements say about value, profitability and the company’s ability to pay its bills.

The Cash Flow Statement
  • Will this company be able to pay its bills?
  • Where's their cash flow coming from?
The Income Statement
  • Which income figure should I look at: operating income, income before interest and taxes, or net income?
  • What kind of expense is the company incurring?
  • How much money is the company earning?
  • What is the sales volume?
The Balance Sheet
  • How much money have investors put in?
  • What does this company own?
  • How much debt is it carrying?

You will follow the story along as Dr. George Parker tracks the progress of Perry and Jill in this accounting video. Perry and Jill are non-financial managers assigned to evaluate the financial statements of two restaurants, which the company they work for is thinking about acquiring. You will not only learn the textbook definitions of accounting terms but also the real world meanings and the consequences of the figures from a business standpoint.

Viewers new to accounting will easily gain a better understanding of the sometimes-dry subject of financial statements by watching this business training video.

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