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The Well-Managed Meeting

This best selling video teaches you how to run a meeting well. We cannot afford to waste our time with unproductive meetings in a fast-paced business environment. You will learn how to set a company-wide standard for meetings, which not only reach their goals but end on time.

Duration 22 min
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How many times have you asked someone how his or her meeting was only to hear it had been a waste of time? Meetings are a necessary part of any business and a powerful tool if held in the correct manner. They bringing people together to share ideas, solve problems or focus everyone's attention on a common goal.

By training your employees on the techniques to prepare for and run effective meetings, they will be focused on meeting their objectives. These techniques turn a "total waste of time" into a "powerful business tool."

The video features a talented cast and crew that reenact the common pitfalls that derail meetings. Your employees will see proven methods that have a direct impact on the effectiveness of meetings.

Advance preparation:
  • Provide materials up front
  • Create a clear agenda
  • Define specific goals
  • Set expectations
Meeting management:
  • Control problem attendees
  • Stick to your agenda
  • Guide participation
  • End on time

Your employees will learn how being prepared makes all the difference in the world. An agenda that creates time for engagement and teamwork while keeping everything on track is the key to effectiveness. A variety of specialized situations such as Web meetings will be covered as well as specific techniques for handling them.

Nonproductive meetings are in fact a waste of time and time is precious to all of us these days. This best-selling video will teach you how to run a meeting well. It will help you set a company wide standard for meetings, which end on time and reach their goals.

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Duration 22 min
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