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Vehicle Inspection - Automobiles And Light Trucks

Vehicle inspections are extremely important. If you work for a company and operate a company-owned vehicle, you are expected to perform a vehicle inspection.

Duration 14 min.
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Vehicle Inspection - Automobiles and Light Trucks program reviews the various parts of the vehicle that should be inspected. Pre-trip Vehicle Inspections are extremely important, but when was the last time you saw anyone performing a pre-trip vehicle inspection on an automobile or a small pick-up truck? When planning a trip no matter how far it is, it's important to make sure your auto is ready for the road. A small amount of time spent making sure your vehicle is ready for the trip can help you avoid expensive problems on the road that can ruin your trip. There are several things you should check to make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip you're about to take.
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Duration 14 min.
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Production Date 2007
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