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We're All Different: Diversity in the Workplace

The workforce is changing. The melting pot that is America necessitates that we work side by side with people who are not like us. Diversity should not be allowed to become a problem. Provide a fresh perspective for your team with this diversity-awareness training video. After all, we are ALL different.

Duration 14 min
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This diversity awareness DVD was produced to remind your employees that it is important to keep an open mind when dealing with people who are different than they are and to respect each other.

In today’s business environment, productivity is the name of the game. Organizations cannot afford to let that productivity be bogged down by the problems that can easily develop in a multicultural workforce. It can be stressful for some employees to keep up when under pressure to get the job done faster, better and cheaper. A diverse work environment presents a challenge in getting along with people of different cultures and backgrounds. This can be an added source of anxiety. Put it all together and you have a real pressure cooker.

Fortunately, this diversity training video can lessen that pressure. The video will help you foster an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance, while persuading your employees to see the distinctive values in each of their coworkers. Diversity training helps to create a workplace where your employees are respectful and accepting of the differences in each other.

Viewers experience:
  • An inward look at how they react to differences in others
  • Authentic workplace diversity scenes
  • Heartfelt firsthand narratives

Viewers are taught an appreciation of the individual characteristics their coworkers bring to the workgroup. Watching the video, they will learn how an impractical fear of losing a preferential status or being inconvenienced might cause a resistance to accepting diversity in the workplace. Stereotypes and prejudices will be overcome through the training as your employees learn to identify and overcome falsehoods that prevent them from accepting the differences in each other.

This newly revised diversity awareness DVD will provide a fresh perspective to your team. Do not allow a lack of inclusiveness to become a problem. After all, we are ALL different.

After watching this diversity training video your employees will gain a new appreciation for the changes that occur daily in today’s workplaces. They will be enriched with a new awareness of how they personally perceive the differences in others.

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