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Workplace Bullying Combo (2 Courses)

How do you handle a problem employee if you are the supervisor or manager? What do you do if you are targeted by bullying behavior, yourself? This program teaches you how to stop bullying behavior in its tracks and transform your workplace environment into a pleasant, healthy and productive place to work.

Duration 35 min
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Have good manners and respect begun to slip in your workplace? Has rude behavior become the norm?

The bullying of individuals or groups often takes place under the radar. Bullies often shrug off their behavior as insignificant or just a joke while denying any hostile intent. Nonetheless, the constant tension their actions create plant a seed of discontent that tends to blossom over time. Their harmful activities not only damage individuals but the workgroup as a whole.

Bullying needs to be brought out into the open and dealt with directly to put an end to it.

That is the intent of these brand new releases.

The Hidden Costs of Bullying

Sometimes top performers get away with bullying because they think they are irreplaceable. However, the overall harm they cause far outweighs the value they add by their higher productivity. Bullying adds stress to a workplace environment that damages the health of the individuals involved. It increases turnover and absenteeism, while reducing engagement and productivity. No matter how “irreplaceable” the bully may appear, the cost is never justified.

As for any bullies who may be watching: this video should stand to warn you that picking on a fellow employee only makes you look bad among your peers and it will not be tolerated in your workplace..

For Managers

What do you do if you are the manager or supervisor of a problem employee? What do you do if you are the target of bullying behavior or if you are accused of acting like a bully?

It is up to you to be a role model and the leader of your subordinates as a manager. You insist on being treated respectfully by your subordinates and you need to insist that they respect each other in the same way, to create safe and respectful work environment.

It takes courage to confront a disruptive employee and you may be tempted to turn a blind eye, especially when it is your top performer that is acting up. Admittedly, it is not easy to treat under performers that disappoint you the same as everyone else but you need to set an example.

Providing practical solutions, this new release tackles these topics head on. They help you stop the bullying and provide ways for you to deal with your own frustrations. They show you how to treat people fairly no matter how efficiently they are performing, so you do not look like a bully.

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