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Workplace Violence: The Early Warning Signs Combo (2 Courses)

Workplace violence can happen in any industry and any size organization. There are ten distinct warning signs detailed in this training video that could forecast violence in your organization. The manager version of this DVD contains additional content from the employee version specifically for managers.

Duration 41 min
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Workplace violence can occur in any industry and any organization regardless of size or the amount of security on hand. Without sensationalizing, this training video takes on the topic in an approach that is honest and direct.

Our leading expert in the field, Stephen White, has been a consultant on workplace violence for over twenty years. Over this period, he has consulted on thousands of threat cases for organizations of all sizes, public and private; including major Fortune 500 companies. Dr. White draws from his experiences to narrate this workplace-violence training video and dispel some of the myths about workplace violence. He will help you gain a better understanding of the warning signs to look for in keeping your workplace safe.

Ten distinct warning signs that might foretell violence are detailed in the Employee Version. An emphasis is put on the need for employees to speak up and ask for assistance if they see ant of these warning signs.

The Manager Version of this DVD, and its accompanying study guide, offer additional guidance for managers and supervisors, such as confronting a bully, terminating a problem employee, and how to hold information-gathering meetings. Managers are highly encouraged to get support—from HR, security or other company resources—if there is any possibility of a violent reaction or if they feel uncomfortable.

Proper training on the appropriate response to warning signs of violence will show due diligence, improve employee comfort levels, and help the overall mental health of your organization even if your workplace does not experience threats that indicate immediate danger.

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Duration 41 min
Audience Employee, Manager
Language English
Languages Available English, Spanish
Closed Captioned Yes
Supporting Materials PDF Study Guides and Manager Guides
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