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Feel Calm at Work - Tools for Stress and Anxiety

In the United States, anxiety affects 40 million adults, or nearly 1 in 5 people. With this quick, engaging dvd video, you'll unlock the power of your mind, body and spirt to overcome anxiety naturally and feel calmer. Available individually or as part of the Health and Wellness Natural Remedies Series.

Duration 33 min
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Some 83% of American professionals feel stress or anxiety at work, according to a recent study by Everest College. The cost to business is staggering, more than $300 billion per year in lost productivity, according to a report by Health Advocate.

The cost of workplace mental health issues is skyrocketing. Globally, anxiety and depression cost the global economy more than $1 trillion in lost productivity, every year. In the United States alone, every day more than 1 million employees miss work due to anxiety and stress. And it's estimated that between 60% to 80% of workplace accidents result from stress.

Presenting Feel Calm at Work: Tools for Stress & Anxiety training video. This powerful workplace wellness video provides helpful tips for all your employees, whether experience low-level stress, or chronic anxiety disorders.

In this engaging corporate wellness video, you'll discover powerful lifestyle tools that can help you feel calmer, be more productive and more. Get tips to help you feel calm at work and improve cognition, get increased energy and be more productive at work. Find out how you can build better work relationships and just feel calmer, at work and away.

This lively anxiety help video provides natural remedies that really work for you or anyone you know, whether diagnosed with anxiety, or just affected by nagging worry. It features exclusive tips from leading experts, success stories from real people, and awesome visuals showing you how to feel calmer, naturally.

You'll receive valuable tips from experts and others: exercise, diet, nutrition, mindfulness, cognitive tools and more. Tools explored include exercise and yoga, diet and nutrition, meditation and mindfulness, positive thinking and cognitive tools, building relationships and more.

Available individually or as part of the Health and Wellness Natural Remedies Series.

Get easy, practical tips for feeling calm:
  • exercise/yoga
  • diet/nutrition
  • supplements
  • effective therapy
  • support groups
  • and more.
  • supportive relationships
  • mindfulness
  • meditation
  • coping thoughts
  • cognitive tools
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