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How to Delegate Without Missing Steps to Delegate It Right the First Time

Finally, a complete delegation skill with 4 steps no other video has which are essential for delegating projects successfully. Your managers get a proven delegation process so they explain projects once, accurately confirm employees understand what to do, check their confidence, and get high quality work. Includes a detailed, step-by-step, 15-page Learning Guide. Watch the brief preview, then decide how much it'll help your organization.

Duration 10 min 9 sec
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Is your organization incurring substantial costs like these because managers aren't delegating, or doing it effectively?

  • delays and missed internal and external customer deadlines?
  • lower employee engagement and higher employee turnover?
  • insufficient managerial time for higher level, strategic, and more profitable tasks?
  • manager and employee productivity are low given their capabilities?

In addition to lacking a proven delegation process, many managers don't delegate for these two very common reasons:

  1. "It'll take just as long to explain it as to do it." (This is true only once).
  2. "I fear I'll get inferior work, and we'll get even farther behind."

Eliminate these obstacles from holding your managers and organization back now.

This video has 4 steps that are essential for delegation success that no other delegation video has.

Your managers will learn how to:

  • Select the right employee specifically for each project
  • Effectively describe the results employees need to achieve
  • Provide 7 resources, including the most important one
  • Two uncommon steps to monitor results & prevent surprises
  • Accurately confirm employees understand what they're to do
  • Check employee confidence and comfort levels before they start
  • Get employees off to a confident and enthusiastic start

As a complete delegation skill, your organization gets a proven delegation process that managers and employees feel comfortable using as a delegation team.

Four highly valuable results your organization can expect:

  1. Increased productivity from the managers and employees you already have without overloading them, or adding new hires;
  2. Development of talent needed for succession plans;
  3. Increased time for managers to work on more strategic and profitable tasks;
  4. Increased employee knowledge; skills; engagement; and retention.

The video also covers what delegation is and is not; items that shouldn't be delegated; and is beneficial for managers who need to delegate remotely.

A detailed, step-by-step 15-page Learning Guide and Skill Reinforcement Checklist comes with the video for in-depth learning, skill reinforcement, and reference.

Watch the brief and informative preview, then decide if it's right for your organization.

Products Specifications
Formats Available DVD, USB, ONLINE
Duration 10 min 9 sec
Supporting Materials Step-by-step 15-page Learning Guide and Skill Reinforcement Checklist
Language English
Languages Available English