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Moving Forward

For organizations that have experienced a traumatic event in the workplace (or just want to be prepared) this program gathers leading experts in the field of trauma, who give practical suggestions for moving forward.

Duration 14 min
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Quantity Price
50 users $11.50
51-75 users $10.25
76-100 users $9.50
101-150 users $9.00
151-250 users $8.25
251-500 users $7.75
501-750 users $7.00
751-1000 users $6.50
1001-2500 users $6.00
2501-5000 users $5.25
5001-7500 users $4.50
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What is the healthy response to the aftermath of workplace violence?

Often, the emotional impact of traumatic events in the workplace are ignored. But workplace trauma can lead to low productivity, disillusionment, and resentment. It is essential, therefore, that we are prepared both physically AND emotionally for traumatic situations.

The relevance to current events will not be lost on viewers who are already learning that any workplace could be vulnerable.

This video gathers a group of leading experts in the field of trauma to first explain the normal reactions to trauma and then provide practical steps for recovery from workplace trauma.

Viewers will also learn how to provide support to coworkers and fellow employees as well as hot to strengthen their organization after a workplace trauma.

The information in this video is critical for preparing for the possibility of physical or emotional trauma.

Lessons include how to:

  1. Understand the normal responses to all types of trauma
  2. Take practical steps towards recovery
  3. Support coworkers, employees, friends and family
  4. Work together within organizations
  5. Gain strength as individuals and communities
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Formats Available DVD, USB, On Demand Streaming, ONLINE, SCORM
Duration 14 min
Supporting Materials Leader's Guide (18 page PDF)
Language English
Languages Available English, Spanish
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