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No Fear Feedback: How to Give Constructive Feedback to Your Boss

Everyone would like share feedback with their boss that would be helpful in improving their performance. Unfortunately, they don't know how to ask, or are afraid to, and don't. Frustration increases, and results suffer. This skill demonstrates how to be appropriate, respectful, and effective. Includes a detailed Learning & Skill Reinforcement Guide.

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No Fear Feedback: How to Give Constructive Feedback to Your Boss

There are times when most employees would like to give their boss some constructive feedback as a request to improve their own job performance, but they don't know what to say, so they remain silent. And frustrated.

For example:

  • A new employee would like her manager to provide her with performance feedback on a regular basis to help assure her continued progress and employment.
  • A manager wants his boss to let him know ahead of time if he plans to call on him during meetings so he can be well-prepared with complete answers.
  • An employee could complete more projects on time if she received needed data from her manager when promised.

If they say something, employees may fear their boss will take it the wrong way, become angry or defensive, or criticize or reprimand them, so they say nothing.

Organizations pay for this substantially in reduced employee satisfaction, development, and productivity.

In just 3 simple steps, your people will learn what to say and how to say it in order to:

  • give their manager constructive feedback in the form of a polite request that's well-received,
  • make a request that often improves their own job performance,
  • demonstrates commitment to their jobs,
  • is highly respectful and appropriate.

This video includes a detailed Learning Guide; Skill Reinforcement Card, and 3 Proven Strategies to Learn & Reinforce New Communication Skills for maximum learning and reinforcement.

Watch the informative and fast-moving preview, then decide.

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