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No Fear Feedback: How to Give Peers Constructive Feedback

How to let a peer (other employee, supervisor, manager, team leader, department head) know they're doing something that's creating a problem without sounding like their boss and making them defensive. This skill shows what to say and how to say it. One client said this skill saved them $100,000 annually. Includes a detailed Learning & Skill Reinforcement Guide.

Duration 6 min 26 sec
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No Fear Feedback: How to Give Peers Constructive Feedback

At one time or another, almost everyone would like to give a peer some constructive feedback about something they're doing (or not doing), that's creating a problem for them.

However, they're silent, because they fear coming across as the other person's boss, making them defensive. This allows concerns and problems to continue impacting performance, and create conflicts.

For example, they may want to give constructive feedback to another employee, supervisor, manager, team leader or department head when:

  • One department changes a procedure without informing another department, causing internal confusion and delays.
  • A colleague isn't completing their part of joint projects on time, making another colleague or peer miss their deadlines.
  • Errors in one area of the organization are passed on to other areas, resulting in inferior products or services and dissatisfied customers.
  • A department or colleague sees a way another department or colleague could improve something they're doing, but fears sounding critical or bossy.
  • An employee of one manager criticizes employees of another manager, reducing cooperation and creating resentment.

In this video, your people will learn what to say and how to say it, including:

  • talking with individuals or groups as equals so that resentment or defensiveness about appearing to "boss" them is avoided,
  • sharing concerns without complaining or criticizing,
  • describing results for improvement,
  • politely letting the other person or group know what they'd like,
  • checking for agreement with the other person or group,
  • reciprocating so the other person or group makes a request,
  • collaborating to improve results and maintain good relations.

This video includes a detailed Learning Guide; Skill Reinforcement Card; and Three Proven Strategies to Learn & Reinforce New Communication Skills for accelerated learning and reinforcement.

Watch the informative and fast-moving preview, then decide.

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