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No Fear Feedback: You Dislike Their Idea, But Don't Want to Say So

People may have valid concerns about ideas or strategies proposed during meetings or conversations, but they remain silent because they don't want to make the other person defensive or start an argument. Not voicing concerns can result in costly errors and consequences. What to say and how to say it without creating resentment. Watch the preview.

Duration 6 min 41 sec
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How many times has this happened in your organization? Someone had a valid concern about a proposed idea or strategy, but they said nothing? They feared offending another person, or starting an argument. The result was a poor or costly decision that wouldn't have been made or implemented if they'd only said something. How frustrating!

In this skill, your people learn what to say and how to say it in order to:

  • Politely and calmly express concerns without criticizing other people or what they said.
  • Avoid creating defensiveness, resentments, and arguments.
  • Be certain input about potential costs or consequences is expressed and heard.
  • Focus on options to resolve concerns instead of debating.
  • Improve salvageable ideas instead of discarding them.

This video includes a detailed Learning Guide; Skill Reinforcement Card, and 3 Proven Strategies to Learn & Reinforce New Communication Skills for maximum learning and reinforcement.

Watch the informative and fast-moving preview, then decide.

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Duration 6 min 41 sec
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