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So Help Me - Supervisor Edition

This video takes a fresh look at customer service by showing the direct connection between a supervisor's behavior and the way employees treat customers.

Duration 17 min
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Quantity Price
50 users $11.50
51-75 users $10.25
76-100 users $9.50
101-150 users $9.00
151-250 users $8.25
251-500 users $7.75
501-750 users $7.00
751-1000 users $6.50
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2501-5000 users $5.25
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Great customer service thrives in an environment where employees are encocuraged and supported.

It is well known that front-line service providers directly impact customer service. What is often overlooked is how the service provider's supervisor ultimately influences customer satisfaction.

"So Help ME - Supervisor Edition" takes a fresh look at customer service. Unlike other programs, it shows the direct connection between a supervisor's behavior and the way their employees treat customers.

This program demonstrates five supervisory behaviors that promote excellent service. Starting with "tell people what they're doing right," and "help employees find solutions," this training teaches leaders to focus on people, not numbers. A successful customer service team is led by a supervisor that empowers people to do their jobs.

Viewers will learn supervisory practices that ultimately produce excellent customer service. Your organization will not only have better service providers, but a more loyal and satisfied customer.

Lessons include:

  1. Tell people what they're doing right
  2. Help employees find solutions for customers by working within policy
  3. Focus on people, rather than numbers
  4. Empower people so they can learn to solve customer problems themselves
  5. Turn mistakes into opportunities for learning and growth
Products Specifications
Formats Available DVD, USB, On Demand Streaming, ONLINE, SCORM
Duration 17 min
Supporting Materials Leader's Guide (30 page PDF), Participant Workbook (16 page PDF), PowerPoint Presentation (16 page PPT)
Language English
Languages Available English, Spanish
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Customer Service