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The Angry Customer

Customer service training video with tips for dealing with difficult customers. Available individually or as part of the Customer Service Impact! Series.

Duration 4 min
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This training video focuses on developing skills on How to Calm - and Not Calm - the Caustic Client! Learn how to take the ownership of the issues and lead the conversation away from emotions and towards resolving issues. Teaches on how to collaborate with customers to address the issues. Available individually or as part of the Customer Service Impact! Series.

In Part 1, service representative Carlos violates every rule for dealing with angry customers, from blaming the client to refusing ownership of the issue. The customer, Warren, quickly escalates from annoyance to frustration, from infuriation to hostility. Carlos accuses Warren of being abusive, and ends the call.

In Part 2, Warren calls back and Angela takes over. Calm and professional, Angela knows the four strategies for how to handle irate customers: allow them to vent, empathize, refocus away from emotion and toward the issue, and use closed-ended questions to satisfy. She acknowledges Warren's frustrations, but skillfully changes the focus to the issue. Angela turns conflict into collaboration, solves the issue, and reduces the cost of unhappy customers

Humorous, broadcast-quality DVD packed with strategies for handling abusive customers.

  • Easy-to-use - includes facilitators manual designed by service experts
  • Highly engaging - quick-paced, lifelike scenarios show how to handle angry customer calls
  • Save money - broadcast-quality video while saving 60% off average training video price
  • Save time - quick program for efficient learning and behavioral change
  • Versatile - use for meetings openers, training sessions, and more
Main Learning Points on how to handle angry customers:
  • Allow customers to vent
  • Acknowledge customers' feelings
  • Take ownership of the issue
  • Avoid blaming the customer
  • Focus away from emotions, toward issues
  • Collaborate with customer to solve problem
  • broadcast-quality DVD or downloadable video online
  • Filmed in HD with professional cast and crew
Special Bonus! Facilitator's Guide on CD-ROM types of difficult customers
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Interactive Activities
  • Trainee Worksheet
  • Discussion Questions
  • Pre and Post-Training Assessment
Products Specifications
Formats Available DVD
Duration 4 min
Supporting Materials Facilitator's Guide on CD: Activities, Discussion Questions, Student Worksheet, PowerPoint, Pre and Post-Training Assessment
Language English
Languages Available English
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Customer Service