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The Art of Business Influence

Follow Mark Jeffries, economist, TV host, and author, around the world, as he reveals his powerful tips and techniques to get employees motivated to influence others about your organization’s mission, products and strengths.

Duration 1 hr 17 mins
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Follow Mark Jeffries, economist, TV host, and author, around the world, as he reveals his powerful tips and techniques to get employees motivated to influence others about your organization’s mission, products and strengths. His innovative and entertaining micro-learning course, "The Art of Business Influence - Selling without Selling", is rapidly becoming the most popular and sought after training program that addresses how everyone in an organization can become a powerful marketing and selling force.

1It’s our most valuable asset - but are we growing it? Nurturing it? Do we even know what to do with a brand new connection when we get one? These three tips will shake up the way you capture the true value of your all-important network.3:19
2Forget what it says on your business card. The most effective and successful communicators all know this key secret…they actually have three additional jobs. Acknowledging THOSE roles and mastering them quickly is what sets apart the best in business and communication.4:38
3It’s not just what you say or how you say it, it’s also the order in which all that is done! The L-WAR is a battle for communication excellence. You only emerge victorious if your communication follows this order!!3:48
4We all think we are great listeners - but we all fail the “Name Amnesia” test. So - how do you revolutionize the way you listen and harness the power that comes with a smart approach to an age-old skill?3:11
5This powerful module takes you through the challenge of understanding the personas and personalities in the room. When you have a picture presentation to give this video will be your guide to reading the room correctly and making the best impression.3:48
6One of the essential keys of the L-WAR is knowing how to anticipate what the person in front of you needs to hear next. Crucial lessons around putting yourself in their shoes and taking a step back from what you have to sell and truly understanding what they want to buy.4:55
7The French say “Vive La Difference” - but few of us in the business world understand that “different” can be “good”. Here's a great way to think about how you can change your message and approach to create that moment of difference leading you to ultimate success.3:30
8The Way you answer the question "what do you do?" says a lot about you! Translating the typical P (Process) message into B&V (Benefit and Value) transforms the way others see you and how they could work with you.3:41
9What happens if your best opportunity to grow new business, to create profitable relationships actually lies on your rear-view mirror? This video explores the idea of leveraging past moments to create future opportunities. Innovative and practical inspiration that can produce results almost immediately.4:04
10How saying less is the key to learning a whole lot more. The added benefit is that allowing ‘the other person’ to speak more in your first encounter opens a whole set of valuable doors for you to speak more in future meetings. This simple approach is the key to long-lasting and trusted relationships.2:17
11Why these three traits demonstrate the all-important difference between good communicators and great communicators… And why there's a very fine line between confidence and arrogance!6:10
12In this video, Mark looks at how what happens before the negotiation begins can actually end up being your strongest moments of influence.3:54
13We all have audiences, every day. Meetings, selling, even a coffee with a few colleagues. Understanding how each audience slips into three distinct psychological groups sets you ahead before you even begin.5:32
14Whether it's online or in a store, we all love to buy things… But when we buy people… we suddenly become very tribal in how we make that transaction. It's time to work out which tribe you are in and if you need to change!3:20
15Shaping your message to match the needs of the person in front of you makes a huge difference. Learning these three key elements to any great message will transform what you have to say into something they want to hear!4:28
16Whether you are looking to lead a team or influence your customers and clients - encouraging others to join your ‘change journey’ is a key element of your future success. Being able to effectively connect with them through social media, video and smart messaging will mark the difference between rapid acceptance of your ideas or a costly delay to your plan!5:48
17From reverse psychology to keeping the door open, this engaging video shot around the River Thames in London highlights five surprising ways you can improve the impact of your upcoming pitch.5:25
18For many people, where you are going with a project, idea or initiative is far more important than how you are going to get there. Once you understand someone cares more about the outcome than the process, it’s time to tell them all about the Destination - a key tool for smart influence!4:45
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